Monday, April 04, 2005

Ada's for April 4th!

Sitting On Terra Cotta (for T.H)

I dug my nail into the dirt and we
rearranged the rocks into the shape of,
a larger rock, and I told you I had
lost all my imagination. I took the
broken shards of a flower pot
that scattered the porch and
shoved the shards in the green ground.
You turned around and pulled a shard
out from underneath you and said,
you should write a poem and call it,
"sitting on terra cotta." Six years later
I have become much older than
I expected. And a little world-worn
and quieter. The river we stare at
has a different name now and the pope
has died and our addictions have changed,
but we're still keeping things together
like those tiny rocks we rearranged.

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hechess said...

looking for a creative way to say i liked this poem among others, but i cant say what id like to any better than this.