Friday, September 30, 2005

Freq of the Week

Hey Folks,

It's October and it's chilly and there's football on TV.

This week's Freq features a couple of veterans and a couple of new faces. Their info is below. See you Saturday October 1st at 2PM. 165 W. 4th St & 6th Ave.


Amy King, Dan Machlin, Paul McCormick, Jonah Winter

Amy King is the author of the poetry collection, Antidotes for an Alibi (Blazvox Books), a Lambda Book Award finalist, and the chapbook, The People Instruments (Pavement Saw Press Chapbook Award 2002). Her poems appear in such publications as The Brooklyn Rail, Milk Magazine, The Mississippi Review, No Tell Motel, Riding the Meridian, and Shampoo Poetry. She teaches English at Nassau Community College and spends much of her time between Brooklyn and Baltimore. Please visit for more.

Dan Machlin is the author of 6X7 poems (Ugly Duckling Presse 2005), This Side Facing You (Heart Hammer), and In Rem (@ Press). His work has recently appeared in Fence, The Brooklyn Rail, Cy Press, Antennae, Crayon and The Portable Boog Reader. He has also collaborated on a full length Audio-CD with cellist/singer Serena Jost (Immanent Audio)
and contributed companion text to several visual art exhibitions in New York City and Germany. He is the founder and editor of Futurepoem books and a current curator at The Segue reading series at The Bowery Poetry Club in New York City.

Paul McCormick's recent work appears or is forthcoming in Conjunctions, The Iowa Review, Verse, Fence, Conduit, Barrow Street, Word for/Word and DIAGRAM.

Jonah Winter writes books. His first book of poems, Maine, won the Slope Editions Book Prize. His second book of poems, Amnesia, won the Field Prize and was published by Oberlin College Press in Spring 2004. His hobbies include: 1) staring blankly.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Zoo Project?


A paleolithic leftover
is the hard shell
of my momadillo.

Who knows how old
mothers are? Armadillos
are old mothers;
their single-sex litters
are of seven.

Soft as the stuffed
armadillo I bought
for your mother
at the Houston airport.

Every one so soft
on the inside. You
exposed yourself;
you died.

Hours from now
the fossil record
has hardened
these dreams
into facts.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Image hosted by

Since you likely cannot read the above information, here's the mighty Jen's description of the event:

"Greetings Fluffy Woodland Creatures,

Just a reminder that you already have plans this Saturday, September 24, at 9 p.m. Big plans.

You're gonna come to Greenpoint for a party celebrating the release of A Gringo Like Me on Soft Skull press, with lots of money in your pocket, dressed to the 9’s, in something very tight, and equally squeaky.

You're going to sidle up and order a drink, like you don't care who pours it. And you'll drink it, like you don't care what it is. Because you won't.

And the last you'll remember before you wake up in New Lots with your pants around your ankles, hickeys spelling out “HONEYBOY” on your ass was singing "Sweet Caroline'” like it was 1999. Because it was. *

9 p.m. A star-studded reading featuring a “Chicken Bucket” showdown with a trophy for Best Recitation.

10 p.m. A performance by The Ladies Tableaux Society of North Brooklyn. (The ladies who brought you “Fury of the Femizons”)

10:30 KARAOKE! No lie!

WHERE: The Capri Social Club (Irene’s)
156 Calyer Street btw Lorimer and Manhattan Ave.
in beeyootiful Greenpoint, Brooklyn G to Greenpoint Ave.
(718) 383-8833

Forward this onto folks who don’t spook easy, and bring a buttload of people. They’ll all fit!"


WOW! Hopefully I will have pictures for you come monday.

Get Freqy

with Tarpaulin Sky tomorrow at 2pm as they bring the below poets to 165 W. 4th St.

Dan Chelotti is currently pursuing his MFA at UMASS-Amherst. He has worked as an Assistant Managing Editor at Verse Press for the past three years. He lives in Easthampton, MA.

Mary A. Koncel is the author of You Can Tell the Horse Anything (Tupelo Press, 2004) and the chapbook Closer to Day (Quale Press, 1999). Her work has appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies, including The Massachusetts Review, Denver Quarterly, The Journal, The Prose Poem: An International Journal, and No Boundaries: Prose Poems by 24 American Poets.

Jeffrey Levine is the author of Sanctuaries (Red Hen Press) and Mortal, Everlasting, winner of the 2000 Transcontinental Poetry Award from Pavement Saw Press. His individual poems and groups of poems have won the Larry Levis Prize from the Missouri Review, the first annual James Hearst Award from North American Review, the 2001 Kestrel Prize and most recently, the 2001 Mississippi Review Poetry Award. His work appears in Ploughshares, Antioch Review, Poetry International, Virginia Quarterly Review, Quarterly West, Barrow Street, Yankee Magazine, and The Journal, among others. Jeffrey Levine is Editor-in-Chief of Tupelo Press.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

If you can't beat 'em...

I have always sort of thought of rats as little, moving soccer balls, but I've always had a touch of the sadist in me (even though I never let sadists touch me.) I'm certainly not scared of them (provided they don't have any open sores) and I don't hate them by any means. But some people do, and this website aims to change that. I'll support any cause with a website this entertaining:

Friday, September 16, 2005

football and poetry

Hey y'all,

Saturday at the Liar features the poetry of Michael Schiavo, Jesse Ball, and Gibson Fay-LeBlanc. Check out our new Frequency site at

Sunday at the Liar features a brand-new and exciting experiment: live halftime shows for NFL football games. Ben Murphy and special guests will be performing live halftime shows for the one o'clock and four o'clock games. It's important to note that NO FOOTBALL WILL BE INTERRUPTED! Ben will perform short sets between each half and then everyone will shut up and we will watch more football.

Come on out for these exciting and groundbreaking events.


Friday, September 09, 2005

Fall Frequency

Hey Folks,

We are kicking off the Fall Frequency tomorrow with the below reading presented in association with Tarpaulin Sky. Frequency readings will be on Saturday this season, and they will begin at 2 PM.



2PM Saturdays @ The Four-Faced Liar
165 West 4th Street (between 6th & 7th Ave), NY, NY

Robyn Art, Jen Benka, Michael Gottlieb, Heidi Lynn Staples

Robyn Art was born in Boston. Her recent poems have appeared in Slope, The Hat, Conduit, Slipstream, The New Delta Review, Rhino, and She's the author of the poetry manuscript, The Stunt Double In Winter, which was selected as a Finalist for the
2004 Kore Press First Book Award. Her chapbook, Degrees of Being There, was released by Boneworld Press in May 2003. A second chapbook, No Longer A Blonde, is forthcoming from Boneworld Press in 2005. Currently she lives in Brooklyn.

Jen Benka's collection of one poem for each of the 52 words in the Preamble to the US Constitution, A Box of Longing With Fifty Drawers, will be published by Soft Skull Press in 2005. Jen is the managing director of Poets & Writers and lives in New York City.

Michael Gottlieb is the author of more than a dozen titles, including Lost and Found (Segue, 2004). His other recent books include Gorgeous Plunge (also from Segue) Careering Obloquy (Other Publications/Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs), and More Than All (Tongue To Boot), a collaboration with Ted Greenwald.

Heidi Lynn Staples is the author of Guess Can Gallop, which was selected by Brenda Hillman for the 2002 New Issues Poetry Prize. Heidi's manuscript, Dog Girl, runner-up for the Sawtooth Poetry Prize, will be published by Ahsahta Press. Her poems have appeared in Denver Quarterly, HOW2, La Petite Zine, LIT, 3rd bed, Slope, Unpleasant Event Schedule and elsewhere. She teaches poetry at the University College, Syracuse University.

Google Ads Continued

Bigfoot Costume Rentals

As a child, he never worried
about his feet. Adjectives
like big, smelly, and hairy
were the stuff of...of stuff.
Just people talking about things.

But at adolescence Bigfoot
gained self-consciousness,
and now he rents a costume;
he dresses like a human
when he walks among us.

Shafer 'n Donna Zoo Project #7

Monkey Coffin

Maybe ivory makes
the walls of
your monkey coffin --
she seemed to love you.

But you can’t say
for sure; you are one
dead monkey, unseeing
eyes puffed to the size
of golf balls.

It’s OK, what makes
the walls of your
monkey coffin;
their off-white
is not for you;
that material
is for the monkeys
who survived.