Friday, November 18, 2005

The Freq


The Freq of the Week will feature Matt Longabucco, Carley Moore, Aaron Tieger, and Nick Moudry (yes! it IS a really incredible lineup!) so I will see all of you at the Face tomorrow at 2:30. 165 W. 4th St. Saturday, November 18th.

Much Love,

Our Friend Karen

Our friend Karen Miller just published a very good short story here:

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Union Jack

A jack is a flag, but flags
can't always say everything
you want to say, jack, jack
as in person or bro or bloke
over there where they
fly the Union Jack. A jack
is a small square flag
used at sea, and when
the Union is flown at sea,
it is a jack, jack, and therefore
it is referred to as Union Jack.
At home, the Union Jack
has fallen into common usage:
jacks refer to jacks as jacks,
even though on land a jack is a flag
not a jack, jack. A jack is always a flag,
jack, but a flag is not always a jack.
What I am trying to say, jack,
is that jacks say exactly what
each jack means to say,
and there are many jacks
under every jack.


The larger pieces each have area (335-75√5)/2; the smaller each 445/4-30√5; giving a total blue area of 1115-270√5 ≈ 511.261646 square units, which is slightly more than 1.44% larger than the cross of St George. The red of St Patrick is in four pieces, two larger and two smaller, these respectively each having area 20√5 and 20√5-5; for a total of 80√5-10 ≈ 168.8854382 square units. Thus the flag is red : white : blue in the proportions 494+80√5 : 191+190√5 : 1115-270√5 ≈ 37.38% : 34.21% : 28.4%.

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Freq


Scott Glassman, Adam Davis, Tom Haushalter, and all the way from St. Paul Paul Dickinson will be at the Frequency tomorrow at noon. Full details here:


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

For Mike Sammons

Waiter! More Shrimp!

Tonight let's drink
until we can't see
and tomorrow I will lay
on the floor on my back
while angry moments
phase into our morning
from outside my window
where they're upset by the Man.

And you, like a
cat can curl
up on my chest.

We will be married for a few hours,
for a few fine forevers.

She Finds Sweatshirts

My Houston Texans sweatshirt (that which Tom and Joanie refer to as "Shafer's Leather") has been returned!

Jess Larrabee dove into the Sputnik lost and found, and she reunited me with That Which Is Most Holy.

Jess Larrabee drives this finely-tuned machine. I will keep you updated about shows in Brooklyn and around the world.

You can hear Jess jam here

and here

Those of us who survived what is now referred to as "The Night of One Thousand Jaegermeisters" (a.k.a. last night) are deeply devoted to Jess.