Friday, May 09, 2008


Hair & Self vs. Tuesday Afternoon

While telling myself some hard things
about myself this morning, I wigged
my hair out in a worrisome fashion --
it was all knotted and, in its funny way,
it was defying gravity. But now
my hair is sleek and shiny; let's face
the day. My hair and I vs. Tuesday
afternoon. We'll let you know
later how all of it goes.


Spring Cleaning

Summertime is resting
like a nap, just on the other side
of May. I am wrestling with the idea
of my living room, it must be
under here somewhere.


Joe of the Sea

Librarians are like megaphones
who can totally blow your mind
from across the sea of a century;
Joe, for example, was peacefully
tucked away in obscurity, and
this writing desk and these
bamboo shades contented me.

But now I wonder, where the Hell
are all my cannons; why am I here
and not on some Southern sea?

Thanks anyway, Joe,
for getting the fever
so I don't have to, my pelts
are made of denim and wool,
but they still keep the rain off of me.