Friday, April 15, 2005

Curious Souls

can live/re-live the mighty Daniel Nester's introduction to my reading at the New York Public Library here.

It was a tough introduction to follow. But follow it I did. Tom and Joanie have accused me of selling out to the establishment. To which I say "Where do I sign?!"

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Anonymous said...

Mad intro. When Nester spoke, did he indicate boxes with hand gestures? Was his intro longer than your reading? Did his intro occasionally slip into nonesense that resembled sense, i.e.: “In a world where poetry cannot stop the world’s evils, one man stands among them.” Shafer, do you stand among the world's evils? & if that was a joke, was it funny? These are the questions one lone Montanan asks w/ love and/or affection. ONE. LONE. MONTANAN.