Sunday, April 24, 2005

Jen 22

Whose Gonna Bullseye Jen's Hot and Shitty Nogs with a Jizzdart?*

What a beautiful day!
What a beautiful view
of that beautiful town
down there! A little river
with little white boats
going around! God!
It's like a beautiful
painting! Hey! I should
take painting lessons! Why
the heck not? I'll sign up
today! Color me ready
for painting lessons! Ha!
I'm going to come up here
all the time from now on
and paint that beautiful
little town! I'll paint you
staring at my painting,
chained to this rock--
and what a beautiful rock!--
chewing your own leg off
and I'll call it "Loving
a Beautiful You
on a Beautiful Day!"

*Title (aka "the best part of this poem") by Joan Vorderbruggen

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