Sunday, July 26, 2009


The magnetic power of Minneapolis is well-documented

in the scientific community.  *Ahem,* ladies and gentlemen,

how many of us have awakened to find our bodies flat on our backs

while our minds are away up on the upper Mississip;

even when gravity attacks, and our spines get out of whack,

our brains still browse the Ax-Man looking for a project to attack.

Who is so strong to resist these limbless plastic baby bodies?

These 95 cent plectra?  These rows of motors alternating

with alternators?  We will meet in the afternoon of the out-

of-body, together again for minutes.  

And when we scientific minds wake up, our theories

will be strong, but all that Midwestern mystery will remain:

such a fine secret to share with everyone; there

at the center of the continent, with eyes full of beer,

I’ll see you again next night’s rabbit or afternoon tap.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Good Night Sun

Good evening. Even
with the Sun so low,
the night still slips
down our hips. And
I will see you inside;
once this spell is
busted, we will slide
into a reverent circle:
I'll catch you flipping
for an innocent edge
on the other side.