Monday, July 19, 2004

Tiger #4

From Jennifer L. Knox comes a poem that is both Tiger and Famous Person poem:
Enter the Tiger of the Wu Tang Clan
Oh tiger, you’re too much
shiny teeth in a million dollar
bag of fur, claws and blood
(your own), and you say that
shit ain’t nothing to fuck with.
Oh tiger, the pains you take
in taking down anything that even
blinks like a tiger, like on a box
of Frosted Flakes: the little striped
strip behind Tony’s red bandana?
Lord, tiger knows it’s got to go.
All that shit’s got to go if it takes
all night and all day and it will.
But, oh no, tiger – the kittens, too?
You don’t even know where
or if they live.

1 comment:

Tony said...

I like this one!

(I've got a tiger poem around her somewhere.)