Saturday, July 31, 2004

saturday morning coming down...

shanna drives well, shafter navigates well, shawn and i passenger well.

costello, the dog, has a rubber crab in his mouth and is showing it off.

nestled in shafer's crotch (flower-print boxers; not good), costello looks like
a texan's furry, eight-inch penis.

sybil has a good stomach. good definition and an attractive belly button.

we're in boston. i don't like guest blogging.

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Adam Golaski said...

John's missing? Sybil has a belly button? Shafer sometimes spells his name Shafter? Jaime... Jaime... Jaime! I picture you all in a wood paneled truck with a surf board atop. I hope this wave will not've completely crashed when I get out to Boston. I need you all alive for my plan to work.