Thursday, July 15, 2004

No Taypee or Lala Left Behind

I wouldn’t normally talk about a dream here, because they tend to be pretty boring, but Ada and Jen implied last night that they feel a bit underrepresented on the old I’ll Show You Mine, and I must’ve been feeling guilty about that when I went to sleep, because in my dreams I snorted a ton of cocaine with Snoop. That wasn’t the guilty part, though. The reason that I was in Hollywood, and therefore in a position to hang with the Doggfather, was I was supposed to star in two short films, one directed by Jen and one directed by Ada. They were both sequels to this weird period Italian art film, and they had a lot of very stilted language, and I hadn’t studied my lines, and I had spent all afternoon binging with old Long & Skinny, and so I was screwing things up terribly. Ada was very verbally angry, and Jen was quiet, which at first I took to mean that she was being understanding, but it turned out that she was just really, really angry, like twice as angry as Ada. And oh, how I longed to be back in the Dogg’s stretch SUV. It was a very upsetting dream.


Anonymous said...

I just woke up and accidentally read 'star in two short films' as 'stare into short films.' Oh for the love of language!

- Katey Nicosia

Shafer said...

I think that it's safe to say that language loves you too. Not like Ada and Jen, who are mean and make me feel like a scarecrow or Steve Martin.

Reen said...

It doesn't have to be that way. If you're so cool you can mack with snoop dogg, I'm sure he can outfit you with a personal servant, kind of like the umbrella-toting dude that P. Diddy's got, to make sure you're not totally f***ed up when filming time comes around. Some guy who'll gently lift you out of your stupor and dose you with Soviet anti-hangover pills and play your lines on a record in your sleep so that you can learn them subliminally. It's all cool.