Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Straight Outta Missoula...

John Cotter and Adam Golaski will be reading their poetry in Missoula, Montana at QuarterMoon Books on Thursday at 7PM.

If anyone out there should chance to attend this reading, send me your reflections and I will post them here. I think that Montana is on the other side of New Jersey somewhere. North of Texas.


Adam Golaski said...

Without a doubt, it's a faux pas for the subject of a blog to post a comment. But I can't stand the pitiful "comments: 0."

The Missoula reading was quite brief. Kaethe showed up, which was a great and pleasant suprise, since she was supposed to be in Washington State. The room was hot and the fan--in place to ward off heat, no doubt--only created a unique distraction, by being set to alternate between on and off: it would blast into action for 30 seconds, then go silent. But, as we all surely know, fans can be trying, even when all they wish is to please their idols.

I (Adam) read first. I read a new poem ("A Walk Over Waterworks Hill (w/ a Sudden View from Mt. Sentinal)") and two of the Color Plates from book 2: Manet.

My irresponsible friends Amy Brown and Daniel Biegelson arrived as I finished up.

John Cotter, the one you know of and care about, followed, with no intermission. He read an assortment of newer and older poems, including "They Want to Convert the American Finishing Company: Norwich CT, circa 1935" and "Who Makes Their Own Language," two of his recent best. He also read a few haiku from the collaborative chapbook "North/South"--which I'm sure many of you are familiar with. His reading style was laid back--the poems flowed from one to the other without much preamble or even indication a new poem was going to begin.

John was concerned that he'd selected too many somber poems. The audience found humor, though--and why wouldn't they? John read "At the Childrens' Letters to God Dispersal Unit" and "7 Short Poems about the Afterlife."

We were done in a half hour.

Zetta enjoyed the first of the two Color Plates I read, but wasn't so enthused about my poem.

Later, we had pizza.

Anonymous said...

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