Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Tiger Poem One Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty-Three

Jaime Corbacho's Chihuahua-About-Town COSTELLO contributes our next tiger poem. Wow!

Costello -- If you talk to Sybil Durgin, tell her to email me some info for a new Durge Report. Mmwah!

Why Tigers RULE:

Tigers are awesome because their mouths can fit entire heads in them.
Sometimes, even more.
Tigers also rule because they can totally kick your ass.
Or bite it.
For serious.
Tigers don’t take no shit.
Except for those ones that live in casinos.
Like, totally, if I were Montecore,
I would have bit Roy Horn’s ass a long long time ago.
But, he’s learning.
So watch out, cause I rule.
And Tigers are even more rulinger than you think.
Stack this, bitch.
Please note that this was written by a Chihuahua.

1 comment:

costellorulZ said...

Hay Shafe, Thanks for posting my poem! I was wondering, though, why point out that the poem was written by a chihuahua? I mean, granted, I'm smarter than the average chihuahua, but as a general rule chihuahuas are wicked mad smart even better than people sometimes. for example, when was the last time that you were allowed to sniff somebody's butt, drink their beer and then have them give you a snack and rub your back? exactly.