Monday, August 09, 2004

Famous Persons #13

is for Amanda Burnham, who is nowhere to be found! Where are you, Amanda, and how would you qualify or quantify your crush on the mighty Thome? Your public wants to know.

Jim Thome Played Basketball In College

and underneath those hot Illinois nights
he used to dream of being black.

Now Jim Thome is married to Andrea
and he is married to the virtue of charity.

They call him a good guy, Jim
“Good Guy” Thome because of his work

to help the unfortunate, but God called him
Jim Thome; he has the smoothest swing.


shanna said...

she emailed me this morning! so she's alive and well...somewhere.

amanda said...

wow! a jim thome poem! makes my day!

i am back in ny, btw, with my large and unwieldy family.
last week, i was in ohio, watching the indians on tv, and getting yelled at by my brother whenever i attempted to use his internet connection.

see y'all soon.