Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Famous Persons 14

Someone’s in the Kitchen with Judith Jamison

When I cook, I like to do it
with one thousand dead professional chefs
all around me, guiding my hand
and gently moving my blade
this way and that
so that I don’t cut my thumb
when I’m doing the slippery red peppers.

And when the pot starts to boil
I can almost see them in the steam
or perhaps they are the steam.

It’s that kind of magic.

When I cook it’s a lot like, well,
it’s a lot like dancing.


Anonymous said...

at first i thought the title was "someone's in the kitchen with jenna jamison", until i realized that no one was having sex. pity.

Anonymous said...

I think the entire poem is about sex.

Anonymous said...


Yooooooooo kild Jooooolia Child!