Monday, August 23, 2004

The Dark Hole

in my heart left by the demise of Monday Poetry Report has been filled by No Tell Motel! A new poet every week featuring a new poem every day! YES! That's, like, a million poems a year! Look for Shanna Compton and Heidi Lynn Staples (nee Peppermint) upcoming, and go there right now for Anthony Robinson. (Pop champagne bottle, pour on Reb's head.)


shanna said...

dousing poets with champagne is SEXY!

Reb said...

As long as its done discreetly! We can't be coming home to our spouses reeking of bubbly, can we?

Anonymous said...

I was just doing a crossword puzzle with the clue "formerly known as." And thanks to you I now know the answer: NEE! Thanks. I should've known.

- Katey