Monday, August 23, 2004

Pre-Season Pre-Frequency Pre-Report

Fun reading yesterday at the Liar. Adam Golaski was in from Montana, and I made him an Olympic Cocktail, which I found in my 1956 Old Mr. Boston bartender's guide. It's scotch, curacao, and OJ. We started the reading with an open mike -- I read a poem by Jeni Olin from the new Hanging Loose, which also features John Cotter. Then Maureen read the climactic poem from her Calamity, and John read a hilarious poem written by Adam's 4th grade students. John sometimes writes poems about a character named "E," and Adam had his students do the same. With hilarious results. Then Adam read, and he began with a poem written by one of his students, whose name I've forgotten. I think it went


Skeleton in my closet,
quit rattling your bones!

But I could be way off. He also read some prose -- one about an island of boys was my favorite of the day, prose or poetry. He read a poem for John, and he read his alcohol and cigarettes poem, which first appeared on this blog somewheres. I went home right after my shift because I was shagged out, but from the voice mails I received this morning, Adam, John, and Jeff continued to swerve into the night. I assume that they are all in jail this morning.

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