Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Poem For That Guy In The Bottom Of The TR Photo (JaPoWriMo #5)

Fear Shared Is Friendship

Late Sunday night my eyes
were drowsily browsing
All in the Family's 27th Movement,
and my brain was filing through
the astounding number of Stapletons
spread across the history of Vaudeville.

That's when I saw you, a performer
in your own right, staring
out of Teddy's armpit like a headache.

I have had a few headaches of my own
lately, and I wasn't looking for new ones.
Particularly on MY website:
it's meant for a depository of headaches,
not for a new-headache engine.

But some headaches cure themselves,
just like some mysteries unravel
into oblivion, and with eeks and shivers
from Shanna and Maureen, Old Evil-
Eye sighed into a new category.
File Under: Laughter.

Here in the Jean Stapleton Afterword,
comfort is the currency. I'll quiet
down quickly now.

1 comment:

steve roberts said...

that guy kind of reminds me of al capone.