Thursday, January 26, 2006

JaPoWriMo #8: Poems By Request #5?: K. Pepper

Doughnuts Are Dangerous On This Dangerous Morning

Good morning! Or should I say:
Dangerous morning? When murderous
men breeze through your Attorneys-
At-Law morning, even the doughnuts
seem dangerous. As soon
as we finish these doughnuts, we'll
get right down to the killing, although
in some ways, the doughnuts and
the killing are the same, that's
how dangerous is the morning
when you associate with
liminal types like us. Orange juice:
killing. Doughnuts: killing. Taking
a shower: killing. Look at these doughnuts:
every last one of them is dead.

1 comment:

Reen said...

I'm issuing all of these doughnuts a subpoena.