Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Maureen's and Shafer's #15 Villanelle:

It's Time to Awaken

Wake up, little friend, it is time
To get a move on, time to awaken.
When you get vertical you'll feel fine-

Tuned and perpendicular, like a Georgia pine
With green needles all alive and shaking
Wake up, little friend. High time

Is time spent with your head in the sky
Over an Earth you've completely forsaken
So get vertical, little one, get fine.

Let pure sun filter into your sublime
Skin. It'll stop your heart from achin'.
So wake up, little friend. There's no time--

It's a fight to wake up, and that's fine.
You deserve gardens, not everything breaking.
Get vertical, get fit, get aligned

With stars and with planets. Their tremulous shine
Will help you make whatever you're makin'.
So wake up little friend, it's time.
When you get vertical, you'll feel fine.

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