Monday, January 30, 2006

As Seen On Surgery

Announcing the arrival of The John Cotter/Shafer Hall Poetry Making Machine!

The JCSHPMM is a website featurning online, real-time, live-streaming poems assembled right before your very eyes.

Our rules for assembly will be posted in the "comments" field, so you will always know where we are, and when the end is near.

John and I would like to invite and to encourage you to use the comments field to request subjects and to submit challenging new forms of your own devious devisings.


Reen said...

Dude. I just got the freakin' Oulipo Compendium. I now know about more weirdo poetic forms/constraints than you can shake a reasonably sized stick at. Where do I post suggestions?

Shafer said...

Enter suggestions under the comments field of the most recent post at

steve roberts said...

hey shafer, just wanted to remind you that you promised a reading for the dick pig crew this month, can you give us a date?