Tuesday, April 10, 2007

NaPoWriMo 04.09.07

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Photography in Texas

If you need a photo taken down in Texas
(of Texas, near Texas, your favorite
boots or cowboy hats or Comal Rivers,)
call my little sister Grace Hall,
cause that's her name. And if
you get her on the phone,
and can hear her over all those
cameras clickin' and dogs lickin'
her ears while she giggles,
tell her "come on over, Gracie
photographer of the Texas
Hill Country
, my big brown horse
or grandma or kids swimming
in the cattle tank
need you
to take a picture of 'em!"


Amie said...

She's great! I wish I had known of this sooner - I got married last year and needed a great photographer - like HER!

shanna said...

WOW! those are beautiful.