Thursday, April 20, 2006

NaPoWriMo: Shafer April 20th AM

My Favorite Ghosts

My favorite ghosts
are the dead ones,
the real ones, the
shimmery scary
ones, the ones
who crawl your skin
as they pass quietly
through your body,
which will only be sleeping
for this mortal life,
and afterward sleep
will sounds so sweet,
because the unrested
brain is a frightened one.


Anonymous said...

"Leverett House"

Unsleeping, I’m
My own angry ghost
Of a Thursday

I touch you
And you shiver
I rant and whack props

While alarming unease
Disquiets your house.
Your fault

For inviting me every night,
Keeping me up as long as you stay up
And for not sleeping.

-- Gora

Anonymous said...

There is a homeless man on the FV platform @14th St who has taken to wearing a large, brown sheet over his head recently. He is an angry ghost.