Monday, April 17, 2006

NaPoWriMo: Shafer April 17th PM

April Oohs and Ahhs

Wow! Brooklyn busted out
all over the place while I
wasn't looking. I was looking
at Texas, which is tragically
free of clutter; drought
has rendered it wide open.
But Brooklyn is so close;
I feel I can touch it.


Blogger sara said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Poem For Sara"

You can recreate any cityscape via
1) a cyclorama
2) a brace of Wellesley girls who
3) select the lights, fit the scrim, and operate
the cyclorama
4) juice and vodka for the girls.

Warm lights for Texas dawns &
Cool lights for Brooklyn nights.

We are working on your poem,
My friend, and the Wellesley girls
Are curled like fiddleheads

Around the interesting
and beautiful cyclorama.

-- Gora

5:06 PM  

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