Sunday, April 16, 2006

NaPoWriMo: Shafer April 16th AM

Good Morning Parents

The parents kept it together again
one last time this morning again
at the family brunch again: they
worried about it; they let it slide;
they didn't worry about it
in the face of it; they let us
worry about it for a change.

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Anonymous said...

“Homage a Knox”

Both the Korean drycleaner
Dad invited to Easter dinner & I
dig on an all-girl Korean band called

Since the only English the Korean drycleaner
Dad invited to Easter dinner speaks is
we happy smiled too much
or not enough,

waved at drying Sushi
he wanted in us
whereas we wish
he’d just eat all this shit he was paying for.
Smile. Did I mention

The awkwardness? We took our walks
to breathe
and wonder what besides
was worth bringing up
with the half-eaten sushi
& escape at hand.

Big cities dip cost
for laundry by ten cents a shirt.
In the sticks, you can take that ten cents
out their ass. And
is worth checking out, like, “Crying Nut,”
and “Drug.” Once he was gone,
we ate stunned.

-- Gora