Wednesday, March 15, 2006

MarPoWriMo Etceterizes!

A Clean, Well-Rested Possum in Fancy Dress

"Is that a possum, or a prince?" people asked,
when the clean, well-rested possum rolled into town,
dressed as he was in fancy dress.

Never had anyone seen a possum dress so fancy
or groom so cleanly; never had anyone seen a possum
rest so thoroughly.

"Princes can be possums, and possums can be princes,"
said the well-rested possum sagely. "If you folks
would rest more completely, you could see more clearly."

The town folks "harrumphed" but decided to try it,
and when they awoke, they resumed chasing the possum
with a broomstick and a renewed, well-rested vigor.


sybil said...


Lori Witzel said...

At the risk of starting something I can't finish...

I disagree.

Possums are simply prehistoric, and stinky.

Anonymous said...

no one gets a fair shake when the brooms come out

sybil said...

Possums lie in wait, making you feel bad with that playing dead shit and then BAMM!!! they try to kill you. They will and do... there ain't no denying it. You are lying to yourself if you do.