Monday, December 05, 2005


Seasonal Discontent with Tom and Shafer

Now Tom's winter is made warmer
with baseball's meetings, where
men in suits will converge on Dallas
to lament the fact that baseball season
is still many wide months away.

Spring's hope comes late for Shafer
in December with the Bowl Championship Series
laid out before him buffet-style.
And Monday Night Football comes just once a week
this time of year. Shafer shudders
to think of the "S" seasons, sans football.

1 comment:

steve roberts said...

wow! how weird! who was this guy? yes i got a job. and i haven't been in the liar in months, i wonder why he would come looking for me there!? thanks for the info.

also, i saw shanna last night and we REALLY wanna do a texans reading with you and she told i just need to remind you a lot, so let's do it!