Saturday, December 03, 2005

December is National Poetry Month!

Don't Worry, I'll Be Right Beside You the Whole Time

Sarah from New Orleans tried marijuana
for the first time in twenty years. This was
last night, and when New York went off the air
for a few hours, her date was so proud
to be elected guardian angel of and by
this spacey chick who he had met
on the internet the week before
while he was surfing strange websites
calculated by programmers
to blow his fucking mind.

Now he was in charge, and the simple job
of escorting her arm
through relatively harmless downtown streets
made him feel like a man. From the first
"I'm feeling a little paranoid"
to the last "Oh god, I'm so embarrasssed,"
he was a clean-cut spiritual advisor,
ethically free to occasionally clear
his throat and say
"don't worry, don't worry, don't worry."


shanna said...

this is my favorite poem ever

Donna said...

I second that

Reen said...

It pleases me also. (I am pretending to be a Roman emperor).

Anonymous said...

"surfing strange websites
calculated by programmers
to blow his fucking mind"

Whoa...what kind of programmers?

Awesome poem.

sybil said...

personally, i would like this poem better if you were coming to my and the corbo's christmas shindig. otherwise, it's quite wonderful.