Wednesday, December 21, 2005

DePoWriMo: Live from Junction, TX, home of 93.5 KOOK!

The Famous Flaco Jimenez / Peter Lorre Connection

In Texas we talk about Flaco Jimenez,
and when my father tells me "Hey, Flaco
looks like Peter Lorre," I say "Yeah,
kinda," even though Flaco Jimenez
looks exactly like Peter Lorre, and
it's been like that for me for years;
Flaco would say "You honkies,
you love each other," and he'd be right,
but I shouldn't say that -- I don't know
exactly what Flaco would say.

Chet Atkins would say "every boy
wears a hat," he'd say,
"a hat to look like his father,"
and he's right, of course:
I wear my cowboy hat every day in New York,
but in Texas my contrary self goes hatless.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'll be damned! I never thought of that. They do look alike!