Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Donna 'n Shafer Zoo Project #5

The Crueler Capers of the Crocodile

It was long
my belief
that the reptiles
of this world
got a bad rap.

Something about teeth,
something about complexion,
it seemed too obvious
to me; my tears were real.

But then our guide got got
in Guatemala, and the crocodile
rolled and rolled the way crocodiles do
when they are serious about something.

Our “Sayanora!” was sad that day,
we said “See you later.” Oh, cruelty.
Oh, crocodile.


Anonymous said...

so, it seems that having a monkey is not frowned upon by EVERYBODY, just jaime. some have even said that a monkey would work well with the decor. i think that what i'm trying to say is that so long as i can keep putting the hotdog costume on costello, i might not even need a monkey. see, a dog in a hotdog costume is funny to look at.

Anonymous said...

I bet a monkey would look good in the hotdog costume. Or possibly a lemur or loriset.

Anonymous said...

SO TRUE! a monkey would look FANTASTIC in a hotdog costume!!! see, corbo, monkeys are so rulinger than you could ever imagine!