Friday, November 19, 2004

More Frequency!

Frequency this Sunday will feature Heather Christle
and Sam Amadon. Heather is a veteran of the now-
infamous Pete's Big Salmon open mic. Sam writes
scary/hilarious poems about Hartford, Connecticut.

Funny story about Sam - at some Columbia party
last Saturday night, "someone" poured Sambuca
all over Sam's stomach and crotch and set him on
fire. He didn't scream or nothin'.

That'll be Sunday the 21st at 2:30PM at 165 W. 4th
St. (Four-Faced Liar).


Reen said...

Aw, nuts. I'm going to miss it . . . I'd been wanting to hear some of Sam's stuff.

Daniel Nester said...

Flash flood watch! Frequency this Sunday!

Hey all -- make sure you catch the SLAMMIN happy hour that Liar -- well drinks, Bud, and Bud Lite -- Twofer one!