Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Forty Tigers!

Tiger #40 comes from long-lost Brian Benitez! For the curious: Brian is married to the lovely Tiffany and has a son, Devin. His band 15% performs around San Antonio, and he has a masters degree in behavioral psyche. His right big toe is slightly longer than his left.

Build up Your Cub

So he came home early.
His dogs each had its own
excruciating heartbeat.

He hung his stripes on the striperack (striperack?).
There had been reports of others
being mauled by a pack of roving magicians,
so we'll call tonight a hermit session.

On his way to the feeding pile, he came across
A huge blood spill on the floor,
(Probably left over from one of the '97 All-Nighters).
He opted to examine his red reverse. There he was.
Standing on two legs in the afternoon.

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