Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Books Can Be Covered in Almost Anything

Take a hike -- it’s such a short walk
from “Hello, and welcome to” to
a stern “See you later;” it’s already
later, and I’m seeing nothing of you.

Riding around on a bicycle in near-
death New York: A hundred oranges,
a hundred ice buckles, a hundred
Hasidic minivans trying to kill me.

Did you know that some men are married
to airplanes? Captain Coffee-and-a-Cigarette
bought expensive wine for the wedding,
long after he’d quit smoking.

Here in the future, leaves are turning,
and I’m watching my ponytail
wagging in front of a summertime fan.
Receipts are rustling on my parquet floor.


Rachael said...

The Minivans! Are after us.

Yrs, Lucero

Lindsay said...

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