Friday, March 23, 2007

Two (Clickable!) Poems by Jamison Driskill

Wishing Well

Thankful no one’s hurt,
Dirty Charley gives us a private,
Sitting on a keg shell
In some kid’s back yard
By the fire pit.

Playing the devil’s country
For the three of us,
And all the other kids
Who make their way
To the beer in the backyard,
Charley fails to notice
The girlfriends
Out the backdoor,
Into the cold.


American Idol

My little cousin,
All of nine,
Answers the door
In fishnets
And a miniskirt
And waaaay too much makeup.

This, my date,
Rides with me
To the theater
To see Fat Albert,
The movie.

Heads turn,
The movie sucks.

On the way home,
I try to tell her
How big the world is,
And how to play make believe,
Like me.

I hope
She remembers me,
But I doubt it.

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