Friday, October 06, 2006

OctOpOwrimO etc.

No Tell Ro*Tel
for Alex Battles

By way of a certain unusual
sort of penance: I hung a sign
on myself saying “Gone To Hell”
where “Hell” is a place without
canned tomatoes and “Gone”
is me all the way there, without
anything “To” make my dish
less yellow. And here I sit
in my metaphorical blindfold,
with my hands (maybe) tied
behind my back; my last
cigarette is a toothpick
(a paragon of good health
right up to the end,) but what
is that muttering? Are they
laughing at me? [strips
off actual blindfold, starts
throwing punches, discovers
no one is there. Heads
for the kitchen to dig
around in the refrigerator.]


Reb said...

Dear Shafer,

I like this poem very much. Looking forward to more.


Lori Witzel said...

Nice poem, need to go back and take another dip.

Can't have expats sighing for Ro-Tel. I can ship ya some if it's queso you're after...

You like the variants, or the Old School Ro-Tel?

Seriously -- if you want some, I'll be out all next week but can ship some next weekend...leave me word on my blog and consider it done.

Donna K. said...

Nice work Hall, nice work.