Wednesday, September 13, 2006

But brother, that ain't what's inside...

Compliments Whisky Rebellion's MySpace profile, here are some links to live country music in Brooklyn and around New York City. That's LIVE COUNTRY MUSIC and NEW YORK CITY, if you happen to be a search engine, or anyone else wondering where to find live country music in New York City.

For live country music in New York City, please see
Alex's Brooklyn Country Music or
Leon's Brooklyn Country or
Nate's Good Music New York.


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Lori Witzel said...

Years ago, I used to go to City Limits downtown (somewhere in the Village.) The only place with a dance floor big enough to swing-dance.

I chatted with a fiddle player in a back-up band one Saturday night, learned about Austin and Central Texas, I am, deep in the heart of.

Be careful about those joints, they can lead you far afield.