Thursday, August 24, 2006

AuPoWriMo etceterizes!

The Big Robot Mechanical

Some people (people
like Ann) know fear
comes from the birds
you CAN'T see, not
the mocking birds
outside your window
committing vice after vice
of verse.

Ann crowed with fear
and pride and prayer
when she killed the crow;
her lifelong fear of birds
cowered in the corner
of her momentary mind.

The big robot mechanical bird
rusts and baits his abbreviated breath
and wonders how long he can wait
for the plump crow to land
in his hungry beak, and wonders
how long his love can shine
with a green patina while he waits
for Ann to love him.


Lindsay said...

I sent this to Ann. She was very pleased. I like it too. Glad us drunks are good muses.

Lindsay said...

I sent this to my mom because I thought she would appreciate a poem about Ann and birds. When I talked to her today she said that she saw my comment and was upset by my poor grammar. I told her that I knew that "us drunks" was not correct but that I was joking around. She told me that everyone else must think that I'm uneducated and that if I had to do something like that I should have placed quotation marks around "us drunks" to indicate that I was joking. Hopefully this is all clear now. I apologise for my crazy grammar antics.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha!