Thursday, May 11, 2006

Donna 'n Shafer Zoo Project etceterizes!

The Youngest Iguana

The youngest iguana
is sitting on a rock
in the sun today; today
he’ll sit in the sun
slowly turning into a rock,
and this rock will make
one more turn
around the sun today.

We’re all sitting
on this rock today
made all out of iguanas,
and we are the youngest
iguanas of all;
our skin does not yet
look like rock at all.
The sun shines patronly.

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Anonymous said...

“Night of Cliché Action”

-- For Tennesee Williams

in his cage,
I produced a mirror
To make my iguana a

a real psychologichal
since early childhood
His reaction to the man-made mirror was

I assumed
I’d be in the know
Since I owned him and watched him and all.

In the end
I caved & tied him
to a stick
for stability purposes.

-- Gora