Thursday, February 16, 2006

February is National Record-Breaking Blizzard Month!

The Big Blizzard

On the Saturday night
of the big blizzard,
the guys were encouraging
the guys, the guys were
leaning halfway out
of windows and saying
“Hey ladies to the ladies”
to the ladies. The girls
were talking to the ladies,
and the blizzard
was swirling up around
the ladies’ heads.

Big blizzard is when
all the good jazz happens;
Saturday night is when
all the encouraging, leaning,
saying, talking, swirling happens.


Song of the Voicebird

The voice the bird
the bird was voicing
Saturday night (the night
of the big blizzard) the voice
the bird the song the night
the trick the slip the fall
the fall the last time
it snowed like this the snow
fell all night long.

I opened my voice that night
but no song came out; I opened
my body but no voice came out;
in the morning the day opened
but no sun came out.


Writing About Writing About The Blizzard

Oh, you blizzard writer,
you smokestack rider,
you who are so paranoid
about the smell
of natural gas
in your apartment;

you who worry about
worrying about the environment:

were you writing about the blizzard
yesterday when you were repeating
repeating yourself? Was it the blizzard
you were talking about, or were you talking about
talking about yourself?

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