Monday, July 25, 2005

Classic Country

Listening to the Classic Country Cable Radio Station This Morning

This morning my roommate and I
were doing morning things involving
milk and dumbbells and laptops
and the general betterment of ourselves.

Since we are young and can't do anything quietly
we had the TV on (Classic Country cable radio.)
The playlist was skewing heavily toward
the 1979 to 1985 period and it was making memory
feel very slippery to me and when "Bop"
by Dan Seals came on I was 100% back
to ten years old in the cab of my Dad's
old sky blue powder Chevrolet pickup
(Dominga was her name)
and we were bouncing all over San Antonio, TX.

"I wanna bop with you baby
all night long
I wanna be-bop with you baby
till the break of dawn"

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