Saturday, May 28, 2005

My first order of business

upon becoming a rich and famous poet after I buy the moms a quiet place will be to buy Rob a ragtop Impala. For rolling on them summer nights.

Going to bed now.


Mr. Babylon said...

Bless you, Shafer. I don't what makes me happier; your kind words, this song, or the fact that you're stealing links from "So Many Shrimp"*

*That name for those that don't know is a reference to a classic braggadocious Houston Hip Hop lyric, UGK's "we eat so many shrimp, we got iodine poisining."**

**per our recent conversation: footnotes rule.

Laurel said...

You know... Big Boi has a couple of classic Impalas. I read about it in celebrity auto. Maybe he would give you one...