Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Brooklyn Ocean's 112

Merry Christmas from deep in the Brooklyn Ocean!


Come see a staged reading of Rachel Shukert's new play. I'll be playing several roles. That'll take place at 10 PM on Thursday and Friday at "Here" performance space on 6th Ave and Spring St.

Also, help Maureen celebrate the release of her book "Novelty Act." Info here.

Finally, come by the Frequency on Sunday to help celebrate the upcoming inaugural issue of The Tiny, a new magazine edited by Gina Myers and Gabrielle Torres. For the first time since I took over as curator of theFrequency, I will be reading. You won't want to miss me introducing myself. More info here.



Anonymous said...

where can one purchase a copy of the tiny?

Shafer said...

The Tiny will be out in February or therabouts. I think. I will let everybody know when it's ready.