Thursday, October 07, 2004

Pete's Humongous Salmon

Loved Ones,

I will be giving a Big Important Reading in the shallow end of the Brooklyn Ocean on Monday night (the 11th) at 7:30 PM. It'll be at Pete's Candy Store which is on 709 Lorimer in Williamsburg. More specific directions canbe discovered here:

I'll be reading with the amazingly phenomenal Jeni Olin and Adam Something-or-Nother. And of course our dearly beloved Ada and Jen will be hosting the show. For those who haven't seen Ada and Jen host an event, it's sort of like the Smothers Brothers, only scarier.

Much love,


shanna said...

you were great!

sybil said...

Remember when Shafer would post, say, two to three times a day and there was much rejoicing? I am sad. Costello has decided to put off posting even further in protest. Also, he would like a hot dog or steak or something like that. He also likes beer.

Reen said...

Shafer, like an ancient prophet, has retreated from humanity's tired tawdriness. You will find him in the Himalayas, third mountain from the left.

Anonymous said...

Oh great. So now Costello will be posting *after* the heat-death of the universe? -JE