Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A Non-Frequency Posting.

I'm going to try to put up at least one non-Frequency posting between every Frequency posting from now on, lest this become the What's Up With Frequency Blog.

Here's a brand new (pretty funny) poem by myself and Jennifer L. Knox.

Sunrise over Circus Circus with Only the Lighter Fluid Left Unspent

This is the morning of our conversation, with
purple answers suddenly flushing pink;

I'll defy you to ask those dangerous
questions smoldering in your perm:

Why you aced me, clubbed me;
why you balked over one discarded heart?

Spotting suits is like bird watching or
choreographing elaborately faggotty

military attacks on the stupid ones. We'll be
dressed all in green, and not in a leafy way,

flipping over cards (War) while ignoring the
insufferable dipshits trying to pinpoint how

this piss/rug smelling hair disguises
a love of close shaves: to

get categorically kicked out of
all clubs--kings and queens--

your face faced yourself
playing the dumb-dumb card

but you were WARNED, with
a woodpecker of a woman

sounding a high-pitched, purposeful
cry about your razor burn but

wait'll you smell how it smells
when I set it all on fire.

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