Friday, September 25, 2009

What the Window Can Tell Us

Woe is the window.  Thin as an eyelid.

Think of it: it is maybe more there

in your mind than it is here, in between us

and the street.  A wash with a wet rag

and it is gone.  An outstretched arm

and it is back again.

How comfortable is your house?

Are you safe enough inside to fear

the outside?  We cannot be protected

unless there is danger, otherwise

we just are.   I fear the world,

so I do not have to fear in here.

When the window winks

with the light of dawn, I will rise

and remove myself from my handy home; 

my conveniences will wait for me.  

The liquid glass in my window

will sag historically.


knott said...

good writing—very

alicia rae said...

I like this one... a lot :)